Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Restauran Review-Erb Thai-August 15, 2007

Erb Everyday Thai Restaurant
681 Manhattan Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Are you tired of eating bad Thai food? Do you love Thai food and trying new Thai restaurants but hate being disappointed with bland greasy food that doesn't deserve the right to advertise itself as being authentically Thai? Well I am, and if you're not you should be. That's why I'm letting everyone in on Erb Thai Restaurant.
Thai restaurants are abundant in most parts of New York and Greenpoint is no different. On Manhattan Ave. alone, there are several choices if Thai is your ethnic food craving. What sets Erb Thai apart from the rest of the Thai restaurants in the area is its authenticity. The owner is a Thai immigrant who came to America in 2000 for college. He saw how popular Thai food is in New York and decided to open a restaurant. The owner's family owns and runs a restaurant in Thailand, so he uses his family's restaurant back home as a model for success.
Everything on the menu is prepared the same way as it would be prepared at a restaurant in Thailand. The owner wants Erb Thai to be known as an authentic Thai Restaurant, not a Thai-American fusion restaurant. Staying true to Thai food's authentic taste is a priority. That includes cooking with authentic spice. Anyone who has been to Thailand knows authentic Thai food is significantly spicier than any Thai food one might find in the United States. While Erb Thai does not cook its food authentically spicy all the time for fear of spoiling an unknowing customer's day, if so desired, they can cook your meal authentically spicy upon request.
I went to Erb Thai for lunch with my two co-workers Kevin Dugan and Kerry ___. Erb Thai has a lunch special menu from which all of us ordered. Kevin had spicy basil leaves and tofu, sauteed with chili, peppers, and onions a dish served with a choice of beef, chicken, tofu, shrimp or vegetables, Kerry had Red Curry with chicken, coconut milk, mixed vegetables and basil leaves, and I had a Basil Eggplant with chicken dish sauteed with chili, peppers, onions, and basil leaves. All fifteen meals on the lunch special menu are $5.95.
The regular menu has thirty-four different options for an entree including six vegetarian dishes. Add that to six soups, seven salads, and twenty-one other appetizers for the rest of Erb Thai's menu. That's not including the six deserts.
The food is delicious, the price is very reasonable, and the atmosphere is great too. The dining room is smallish, but if you are ever worried about getting a table, you could order in since Erb Thai delivers all over Greenpoint. If you have never tried food and would like to, or you are a Thai food connoisseur, you will love Erb Thai. Even if you already have a favorite neighborhood Thai restaurant, give Erb Thai a try--not only will you get a change from your normal Thai food, you might find a new favorite Thai restaurant in the neighborhood. It's great for vegetarians, and it's definitely worth a try.

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